Rising gas prices leave many Americans frustrated at the pump, but they also have a broader effect on how you spend money. You’ll pay more for some things due to increased fuel costs. Below are a few examples of how rising gas prices affect homeowners.

Dealing with Power Outages

Millions of homeowners rely on gas-powered generators to maintain power when the electricity goes out. Unfortunately, these generators use a significant amount of gas. If you use a gas-powered generator during outages, rising gas prices will increase the cost of operation.

Lawn Care and Landscaping

Any expense that impacts a business will eventually be passed on to its customers, which is true for rising gas prices. If you use a landscaping company to care for your turf, expect their services to be more expensive as they need to account for the increased fuel cost. Gas powers their lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, and vehicles.

Even if you do your own lawn care, your costs will increase. The gasoline needed for landscaping tools is becoming more expensive, and you may find yourself mowing the lawn less frequently.

Deliveries of Goods Become More Expensive with Rising Gas Prices

Free shipping is often used to attract customers to shop with a specific online store. With rising fuel costs, shipping costs are increasing, especially for large items like appliances and furniture. Many stores can no longer offer free shipping, and shipping costs for large purchases are more expensive.

Delivery services are also experiencing an increase in the costs of operation. You may notice that grocery and take-out deliveries increase their fees to cover the expenses.

Building and Repair Supplies

Anything that needs to be delivered to your home will cost more to get there. Expect higher prices for home repairs, too. A plumber needs to drive a vehicle to your property to make repairs. If you’re planning renovations or need repair and maintenance work done, you may pay more for these professional services.

Your electrician, roofer, and plumber will be paying more for fuel and will likely pass on their increased operating costs to you.

Rising Gas Prices Affect Home Heating Oil

If you use heating oil to warm your home, you’ll need to budget accordingly for the next time you fill your tank. The cost of heating oil has increased drastically, and preparing for the costs of heating your home when the seasons change is essential.

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